Patty Jenkins Hasn’t Yet Signed To Direct ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel-Aplam Chaplam

Patty Jenkins Hasn’t Yet Signed To Direct ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel; Here’s Why

Jun 09, 2017 Rinki Singh

Director Patty Jenkins, whose film Wonder Woman has earned upwards of USD 200 million, has not yet signed to direct the sequel Wonder Woman 2.

Gal Gadot, who appeared as Wonder Woman first in Batman vs. Superman, is contractually obliged to appear in other DC films, although reports indicate that her agents would try to renegotiate her salary given the success of the film. However, Patty Jenkins, the director, has no such contract for Wonder Woman 2. Patty got the director’s job much later, as a replacement for Michelle McLaren, who left the film due to creative differences.

Reports also say that studios usually have a one-picture deal with newcomer directors, or those who take up a big-budget film for the first time. Warner Bros and DC were also waiting to see if Wonder Woman would receive praise, and succeed at the box-office, before officially launching a sequel.

Now that Wonder Woman is a record breaking debut for a woman director, the makers are likely to want to bring back Patty for the sequel too. However, reports say that she will look for a much higher pay, and will end up driving a hard bargain.

Meanwhile, Patty is working on a film called Riprore, for a horror film streaming service.

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