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Kareena Kapoor’s Views On Post-Pregnancy Weight Are Worth Praising

Feb 07, 2017 Shelly Srivastava

All through her pregnancy, Kareena Kapoor stayed in the spotlight: the on-screen character continueed working, and was spotted at different occasions as far as possible up to minor days before her conveyance. Indeed, even in the wake of conceiving an offspring, she’s put in different appearances, latest (and eminent) being her slope stroll for the Lakme Fashion Week finale. Addressing late morning after the occasion, she clarified that she had no issue doing the occasion – firstly by emphasizing that “pregnancy is not an ailment” and she’s not going to “quit doing what her heart needs” since she’s a mother or an alternate size.

“Many might look at [motherhood] as an excuse to hide, just because they aren’t in the best shape. But I am not one to get conscious with skinny models around. What I am [doing] requires courage and I have the confidence to pull it off. In India, women are conditioned to hide themselves away till they get back to the ‘right’ size. I feel it’s fine to be out there. Everyone knows I have just had a baby. I may not be size zero right now but as long as I look great, I can take that walk.”