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This Talented Actress Just Joined The Golmaal 4 Cast!

Feb 01, 2017 Shelly Srivastava




The Golmaal franchise is back with its fourth part-Golmaal Again. However, hello, think about who is the courageous woman of the hit drama arrangement this time?! It’s Tabu! Astounded? Try not to be, as Tabu appears to be very unconcerned about being a part of a parody flick.

She told DNA:

“I wasn’t shocked or surprised when I was offered the film. I have always loved the Golmaal series and was quite excited about being a part of it. Ajay (Devgn) is a friend and I also know the remaining cast, and working with friends is always wonderful.”





The powerhouse of ability that she is, Tabu can go up against any part and make it her own. We are certain she will be marvelous in the film, can hardly wait to watch it as of now!