Try these lipstick colors this season!
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Try these lipstick colors this season!

Nov 10, 2016 Rinki Singh

Lipstick are something that is every girl’s friend. It gives you a bold and beautiful look.

So, it’s very important for every girl who puts on lipstick to know the latest trends in color and style. Here we have listed the colors you must try this Diwali season-

  1. Bold Red – it’s an evergreen color that looks good in all season and occasions. So you needn’t think twice before putting on the color!
  2. Playful Orange – you can try this color as it looks good on all skin tones and dresses.
  3. Glowing Brown – this color looks amazing with minimal makeup and gives a glow to face. So, try brown with minimal makeup and highlight the color!
  4. Bright Purple – to get the desired look with this color, either tone it up with a bright colored dress or tone it down with a monochrome dress!

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